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[*Podcast / Passage 10] Pleq - Passage 10 New Passage podcast issue is recorded by electronic musician Bartosz Dziadosz better known as Pleq. Bartosz combines elements of drone, downtempo, glitch and modern classical, adds a melancholy sound of the piano and violin, pieces of women's voices and the crunch of high-voltage wires in his compositions. This gives his music a unique atmosphere full of lightness and depth. Tracklist: 01. Pleq - Good Night (Konntinent Remix) 02. Pleq - Black Dog (feat....
Topics: Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Modern Classical, Glitch, Melancholic, Fuse
USC (United Studios Corporation)
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Sparkling minimalism of keys tells for itself and paints amusing pictures. They are made in two moods: light as an airy marshmallow or chilly wind and gloomy as evil thoughts or sudden storm clouds. The light part flashes in positive cheer and sustains the calm and monotonous atmosphere. When the darker side bursts the change in a perception is evident. The music can sound loud and solemn in an empty room, as an enigmatic ritual, dismal in times it forces you glance around for a moment. It is...
Topics: Ambient, Experimental, Fog, Melancholic, Metropolis, Minimal, Mist, Modern Classical, Mystic,...
Phantom Channel
by Clayton McEvoy
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Thick, melancholic and evocatively haunting soundscapes created entirely by guitar, the music of Sleeping Me employs a balance of delicacy, power and gentle reverb to present an affecting sound that's resplendent in its warmth and fiery beauty. 'Lamenter', closely following stunning debut full-length 'Cradlesongs' on celebrated Australian imprint Hidden Shoal, proves that Sleeping Me's sound finds peace in even the most heartbreaking of circumstances, rarely has the devil's instrument of choice...
Topics: Ambient, Soundscapes, Melancholic, Hidden Shoal, Guitar, Experimental, Lush, Shoegze, Serene,...
TACHYON netlabel
by tachyon netlabel
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Topics: audio, music, ambient, minimal, piano, piano music, melancholic, experimental, drone, avantgarde
Clinical Archives
by Various
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"Clinical Jazz" is an eclectic and illogical compilation. Range: ....from "clinically" traditional jazz directions...... up to unclassable and clinically indefinable "jazz" forms. ----- CD1 ----- 101. Strings Of Consciousness - Asphodel (5:58) (France) 102. The Black Hakawati - There’s a Hole at the End of the Tunnel (5:24) (Austria) 103. Professor Psygrooves + friends - Scales [Special Version] (13:52) (France) 104. Damo Suzuki & NOW - Metro Girl (the...
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Topics: jazz, free jazz, avant-garde, free improv, structural improv, experimental, improvisation,...
Source: Clinical Archives